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12-28-19, 4-22-17 Can we determine location of our A-M debt?

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PostPost subject: 12-28-19, 4-22-17 Can we determine location of our A-M debt?
Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:48 pm

2019-12-28 edit, 2017-4-22

12-28-19 This is a good start on the deduction of how it tracks Earth on other side of M surface starting
at first orbit moving at .5c.

Theoretical expansion: Once we spirits start a conservation debt, the outcome is precisely defined unless the planet dies first.


1. At start, we put first pieces of A-M a fixed distance from center of our Sun onto other side of Surface of our Moebius universe.. A minimum of an Edge Width distance = x.

2. Each sidereal year anniversary of the start when the planet returns to the start point on its annual orbit, the Planetary Spirit line jumps, and the A-M debt jumps the amount of the initial Edge Width distance from center of the planet's sun again.

3. The number of x distance jumps is a fixed number for all A-M debt planets = y.

4. y = 90 degrees around the surface of Moebius universe. A fixed deducible distance = xy.

5. At 90 degrees the A-M debt can go no further as it would now be on the plus matter side of Moebius surface.

6. Ergo a "wormhole" opens and our Q-M debt comes home.

7. The reason there is the same number of annual A-M debt planet sidereal orbits for all planets with an A-M debt, is that jumps are triggered by planets return to debt start point on its orbit and all "jumps" by A-M debt are the same distance, hence at xy the planets conservation bill comes due.

Ergo, We can deduce xy once we determine our M universes Edge Width. A discussion made elsewhere,

Once we know the EW, then determining where our A-M debt is requires only that we know where we are located on the surface with respect to the Bowtie Line of our universe. That requires a c velocity/vector meter.

This knowns also explain why the E-Ts have been able to evolve their elegant warning sequence that applies to any living planet.

revised 1-02-16, 11-22-15, first posted 9-28-15:

1-02-16 My initial assumption about where our A-M conservation debt is was that our spirits would put it as far as possible from us on a Moebius. That is exactly opposite us right on the other side of our M surface. Then it would come at us across the surface at half the speed of light from the other side of the Sun, striking the Sun on the way back to Earth and Kaboom, we got vaporized. That is exactly what the Barbary Castle crop circle shows.

However, coming across the surface judging by what we know of the age of our universe which is around 13 billion light years. God wish we had that much time but that way is impossible at .5 c since Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, that can not be how our A-M debt comes at us.

Ergo, a wormhole must exist that is a two way(we hope) street. The first way is used by our Planetary Spirit Line(PSL) to send the A-M particles our spirits create to move our bodies, the second way back is used when our A-M debt is due to come back home.

So in fact our A-M debt is actually close by right on the other side of the surface decelerating to z!c (zero with respect to c, the speed of light).

PROOF: It is shown in the Barbary Castle circle on cover of Science News. The ray of pure energy from the Sun tracks Earth for well over 10 minutes. Ergo, our A-M debt keeps one face towards Earth just as Mercury does the Sun and the Moon Earth. Only Gravity in conjunction with another force could do that. When the A-M debt comes through it mirrors Earths movements perfectly. Our doppelganger.

Ergo, It starting revolving around us at .5c, i.e. a .5 light year in circumference orbit which is decreasing in circumference in jumps each time our PSL crosses itself(the Fixed Ray of the PSL which constantly points to where our A-M debt will appear when its due = end wormhole). This FR crossing causes the A-M debt speed to decrease towards z!c. We can look and see if the PSL and FR exist. When we see them, then I suspect some people will brown their pants.

Where this Wormhole end point is, is precisely described by the conjunction shown in the Missing Earth circle.

My plan for disconnection is based upon the assumption that the Wormhole opens briefly each year when Earth goes exactly opposite the Wormhole in its annual orbit. This should give us 2-3 opportunities to try and send ships through to whack our A-M debt, preventing it from reaching z!c.

11-22-15 This last revision gets us closer. I deduced we have at least two more opportunities to do a disconnection if we can build a smallish spaceship that can simulate using a frequency shell around itself to look like it goes zero with respect to c. I will use z|c to represent this relationship.

9-28-15 The short answer is yes. How requires determining where it is precisely, then we can do FTL travel to reach it so we can whack it and divert its course. Faster Than Light star travel becomes possible when we can describe any location on the surface of our Moebius Strip Geometry universe as a gravitational frequency with respect to the two BowTie Line ends (outer and inner) of a Moebius Strip. [There is one and only one Viewpoint line from which a Moebius Strip looks like a Bow Tiw; i.e. BUILT IN ORIGIN.]

Thus determining location means describing the interaction of the Gravitational Force with the Repulsive Force(RF) that separates the two sides of our Moebius Strip universes surface. This comparison of these forces effect on location is with respect to the Speed of Light as measured in Planck units. We start this comparison by measuring the transition of the G force traveling at c for adjacent masses to instantaneous at a precise distance from a Gravitational Forces originating mass. Two tests that Gravity moves from c to instant.

In Gravity's case G moves instantaneously with respect to the vast bulk of masses in the universe. Newton assumed G moved instantaneously and these tests will confirm G moves Faster Than Light. In short confirming that c is not the upper speed limit for the exchange on information or movement of masses in our universe.

There are a number of severe constraints that imply how these forces interact. Among them the Edge width of the present generation of our M universe(yes there are more M universes), how each point on the M surface has a precisely measure 'angle' with respect to any point on the BowTie Line of our M universe. Ergo, use the center and the two ends of the BTL to determine a unique combination of angles for any point on M surface with respect to BTL.

A severe constraint is that each planet's conservation debt has the same fixed number of orbits around its Sun before its A-M debt strikes its Sun. Meaning that the smaller the orbital radius, the less time life has on that planet. This is confirmed by the fact that the longer a Long Term Gamma Blaster lasts, the more you see.

Thus assuming the initial distance of a beginning A-M debt is as far as possible = same distance for all initial starts, then why does the A-M debt of the planets with shorter radius orbits cover the same distance more quickly?? The alternative is that the initial distance A-M debt is sent is directly proportional to the orbital radius of the originating planet. This latter hypothesis has objections, it introduces extra forces, while the former is so severe that proving it will show much more clearly the interactions between G, the RF and c. Tests proving G moves from c to instant & implications.

Assuming the initial distance our A-M debt is the same for all living planets when it begins, then the A-M debt must decrease towards zero with respect to c in the same number of steps. This would imply a discrete jump at each orbital anniversary date from its start. So what signal triggers the jump? The Planetary Spirit Line crosses itself 1/2 an annual orbit before each anniversary date. A sine wave kind of cycle shaped by this annual PSL crossing itself must be involved. How would it decrease A-M debt's speed with respect to c by the appropriate percentage of fixed number of annual orbits, no matter the living planets orbital radius???? Clue, General Relativity says G curves space/time.

I have an idea as to why and will explain more as I work this out over the near future.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sun Nov 01, 2020 12:32 am; edited 5 times in total

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