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What base entangled frequency would E-Ts use to communicate?

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PostPost subject: What base entangled frequency would E-Ts use to communicate?
Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:57 am

5-05-17 Revised to make Premise clearer and to refine the deduced frequency. Given we can deduce the entangled frequency of any center line point; then we can use center line point where Bow Tie Line(BTL) strikes center line on inner bottom side. i.e. Draw line down from top of BTL through the Moebius strip portion of BTL and then across inner center hole of M to center line on inner bottom side.

How can you see BTL & center line of a Moebius Strip?
Added 5-12-17

By Making a Moebius: Cut a 1.5 inch wide strip 8 inches long off the end of a 8 x 11 letter sized piece of paper.
Next, put the two ends together and make a wheel that has two sides, two edges, and two surfaces;
then separate ends and rotate one end 180 degrees or half way and put the ends back together.
Voila, one surface, one edge and two sides = a Moebius Strip.

When you are right handed, you are pinching the two ends together with your left thumb and forefinger, look along edge to your right and you will see the Bow Tie point, down through which a line can be drawn to hit center of back side = BTL.

So by inspection, a Moebius has a center line which the BTL hits on the center of backside.

(Two sides because a side is with respect to an observer = you, or me, or a mathematician. Since you can only see up to half the surface by line of sight from any point on surface, there are always two observable sides. A deduction: This implies a space between the two sides of the surface; as one side can not occupy the space taken by other side of the surface.)

There is only one such point on a Moebius Strip; where the BTL strikes the center line. It is conserved through all possible transformations of a Moebius.

4-28-17 I deduced there is such a frequency last night. It rests on two premises that will be discussed in the TOE topic. Let c = speed of light.

1. Moving at different "c velocity/vectors" is what keeps our entangled clocks and each piece of matter or aggregates of matter from being staying or becoming 'entangled'. This occurs because Relativity shows that objects moving with different "c velocity/vectors" must have different clock speeds and entanglement rests on sharing the same "c velocity/vector".

This observation confirmed by experiments confirms this Premise:
Each entangled pair or more "objects" is independent of all other entangled pair or more objects.

Implication: You can put an entangled communication device inside a ship with a larger and different entangled field that measures the actual ships c velocity/vector. Then the inner c v/v meter frequency can be adjusted to the entangled communication frequency after knowing what the ships actual 'c v/v' reading is; thus allowing 'sub space' communication using a common frequency shared by many ships or planets.

2. Gravity = 'G' has a tiny instantaneous component that maintains conservation instantly between all pieces of matter;

thus between the interaction of the two forces we have freedom of movement within the boundaries permitted by c.

The Deduction

There is only one place on a Moebius that you can deduce its frequency from where ever you sit on the M surface. The Moebius center line point on the center of inner bottom side where a line drawn down through the Bow Tie Line(BTL) would strike the center of inner bottom side.

Ergo, we have a common frequency for universal communication between civilizations that have developed c Velocity/Vector Meters.

There is certainly other frequencies that would be used, some prime number units away from this base common frequency, and others by private agreement. There may be a case for another center line point based upon Phi or Euler's Number but that seems more complicated. In any case it will be a center line point related to BTL.

This explains the complete lack of radio signals from civilizations on other stars. They either have died from their conservation debt, or grown up and developed star travel.

note Times arrow runs in one direction, there are two sides to a Moebius, so what about the communicator on the other side of surface. On your side you move towards BTL, so does the person on other side, but that means you move towards one another passing so to speak underneath each other; hence not same frequency???

So is frequency localized to 'communicators occupying same 90 degree quadrant of M universe, implying more frequencies.

Nice question.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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