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Ensuring Liberty For All Is Required

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PostPost subject: Ensuring Liberty For All Is Required
Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:29 am


Peaceful cooperation is required. Sacrifices will be required.
Only a free people can choose to do those in time.
Many are not free, and some nations are not peaceful now.

Always start with your own backyard first.

I am a citizen of the USA. My family has been here since the 17th century.
We fought in the revolution to secure Liberty and Justice for all

Now we are a corrupt country that objectively behaves like international mobsters towards other countries.
Our deeds show we attack other countries who have not attacked us to steal their resources, etc.

Our history is one of conquest. By taking the Indian and Spanish controlled lands we created
the geographical area of the USA. Now we act as though we can do the same worldwide.
The result, of course, is push-back, by a coalition of countries who have modern technology,
not bows and arrows, The result, a big bully is going to get a well deserved very bloody nose.

No one can say that we did not elect this behavior, because we did.
Our elected leaders aided and abetted by their legislatively created monopoly
news media think they are a new aristocracy. Our forefathers knew our
constitutionally enshrined inalienable rights were what ensured Liberty for all,
As a free human, I will not be silenced by our elected criminals in power.

I do not believe the majority of my fellow citizens will stand silent once they realize we can
unelect these corrupt leaders. We have a political choice, return to our roots by revolting against
our corrupt wannabe aristocrats now in power by using ballots, not bullets.

How is simple
Our present situation requires that we join together to take over an existing
on the ballot political party to create an elected solution starting now.

I read numerous news articles daily, especially the comments.
What I said just above is being said everywhere.
Bur what is also being said is an almost universal sense that our political leaders
control us and their is nothing we can do. Clearly our major news media outlets are bought and paid for,
but they do not control the N1CL. You each control where you get your news and who you associate with, don't you?

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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