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6-15-19 How to use Global Climate Measurements to see causes of Climate Change 0 17614 4.73 02-25-2019
Copy "How list works, base agreements" box. 0 2800 5.00 09-19-2018
Scientist Says UNLESS PREVENTED SUN EXPLODES July 16, 2024 0 5046 07-19-2013
10-08-14 Two Tests Show Gravity Propagates From c To Instant At What Distances 0 5275 5.00 06-06-2013
copy countdown clock 0 5280 04-05-2013
Front page copy from 3-13-13 0 5071 03-14-2013
How N1CL creates honest public info, Latest Q&A etc. 0 4440 4.00 08-01-2012
9-21-12 How find the 2 conjunction asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle 0 8977 4.11 12-06-2009
Why Earth Has A Conservation Debt That Causes Sun To Explode, 1 8415 4.83 11-18-2009
revised 5-31-18, E-T Warning Message Summary 1 9351 4.50 11-14-2009
1-15-16 How do we prevent our Sun from exploding? 0 10521 4.50 10-17-2009
Claims of Danger: Proofs that E-Ts warned us of a PREVENTABLE Sun explosion on July 16,2024 0 8720 4.53 10-11-2009
11-22-13 Why Sun explodes July 16, 2024, unless Prevented 0 3850 4.00 08-29-2009
How Full Member-Yes/No Forums Work 01-18-10 0 3953 08-26-2009
How & Why We Can Stop Anti-Matter(A-M) Debt From Exploding Sun 0 4315 05-26-2009
01-17-09 to 10-09-2009 & 7-8-10 to 10-13-10 Latest Change(s) to Beta site. 0 6310 4.78 01-17-2009
"How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi " 1st Posted: Feb 22, 2008 0 4068 11-26-2008
05-22-11 Why E-T blinkships our Govt has could stop our Sun from exploding. 1 4724 4.50 08-13-2008
The Objective Measure of Our General Welfare(5-23-15) 1 10195 4.58 07-13-2008
How To Navigate between Two Sides Moebius Surface 1 3925 5.00 07-03-2008
8-17-2009 Who do we need? How can You help? 0 6032 4.83 06-27-2008
6-25-08 Paragraphs on Doing Science & Society 0 3407 06-26-2008
1-22-18 We Owe yoU (WOU) N1CL units: List of Lenders, Awarded to, How buy 0 9880 5.00 06-15-2008
2-4-2017 Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's 0 6649 4.56 03-22-2008
01-16--09, the date of Latest Change(s) to Pre-Beta site. 0 13283 4.50 04-21-2007
Einstein's Missed Implication: His TEST Shows Relativity's Reference Frame To Us 0 11475 4.69 11-20-2006
Politics: What Do We Expect From Paid Beta Members & Application Explanation 0 4064 4.00 06-27-2006
07-27-11 last add: Equation log: derive base equation describing moebius strip 0 4830 4.50 11-22-2005
NOT Enforcing Strict Liability On Corporations Always Reduces Society's Wealth 4 9057 4.57 06-29-2005
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This URL is for those of you who deny the E-Ts existence.

Click on "evidence" at SiriusDisclosure.com The Disclosure Project has over 800 govt witnesses who swore before Congress to their direct E-T contacts.

This climate url speaks to how corrupt much of our scientific establishment has become.

Why rising CO2 levels Can NOT cause global warming.

Cimate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

Why is handling the massive scientific disagreement with the AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming = (man caused) proponents crucial to disconnecting Earth's Anti-Matter debt?

Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth about our real place in the universe. Why is explained by ignorance and self service. Until our society openly deals with this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024?

How to find the two conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

This math is required.
How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

Confirming objective reports.
National UFO Reporting Center

Crop Circle Connector

2-4-2017 Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's

HOW can we get these tests DONE?

Contact Congress

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Dan: Critical thinking skills are used to seek truth by resolving objective disagreements over what is.
17-Sep-2019 09:19:00
Dan: Scientific discovery uses what we do know to show us what we don't know. (Shorter and better Dan)
10-Sep-2019 04:02:45
Dan: Scientific discovery is driven by what we don't know; we use what we do know to show us what we don't know.
08-Sep-2019 06:42:37
Dan: " Science advances one funeral at a time." by Spandrell in Hong Kong article 8-30-19 Checkpoint Asia: In my case, I hope not.
31-Aug-2019 11:41:19
Dan: A society that does not seek the truth is a society doomed to die.
26-Aug-2019 06:17:44
Dan: When you do science you are always forced to look at yourself, and you always get the same answer; nobodies perfect.
23-Aug-2019 10:20:22
Dan: "Life on Earth is based on carbon: No carbon, no life." jm64ZeroHedge comment to :The Tyranny Of The Socially Self-righteous.... ....." 8-11-2019
12-Aug-2019 07:40:03
Dan: To teach, you must first teach yourself.
06-Aug-2019 23:08:15
Dan: The world is too interconnected to leave any winner standing atop smoking ruins. All will fall, so figuring out how to get everyone health care and a social safety net including meaningful work might be a good idea unless you like having a stew pot in your future you being inside. Nothing is going to get solved with everyone going off in different directions. Unity and solidarity is needed or the future is barren and bleak. K-Dog, comment on Kuntslers "Things To Come"
04-Aug-2019 05:48:19
Dan: “Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting.” John the 1st
04-Aug-2019 05:38:05
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