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What Three Monkey Society Leaderships Are & How Work?
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Must sworn leaders be prosecuted for this heinous crime?
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Joined: Jan 01, 1970
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PostPost subject: What Three Monkey Society Leaderships Are & How Work?
Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:32 pm

2013-7-06 edit.

THREE MONKEY SOCIETY(3MS) = An unconscious pecking order based society that never holds high leaders legally accountable; the best current examples are the USA's big bankers and the parts of our scientific establishments paid to support human caused global warming. Obviously there are many other examples of our paychecks determining beliefs.

Scientific 3MS establishments are the most clear cut because they are bought and paid for by the rich and powerful who fund their research, thus easy to control.

They embody the oldest fallacy of all, an Appeal To Authority, which makes them full fledged members of a scientific Three Monkey Society. A 3MS is the antithesis of doing "objective" science. Authorities don't determine truth, they block truth. They first ignore, and then attack those who disagree with their untrue assertions, don't they? e.g. Galileo.

By education, training, and experience, these highly paid prestigious members of a Three Monkey Society(3MS) establishment have been conditioned to ignore those who disagree with them. They are the gatekeepers of what scientists can talk about. Any hypothesis, discovery, or paper that threatens their position, power and control is first ignored. When ignore doesn't work, 3MS leaders retaliate against "whistleblowers". For members of our 3MS academic establishment, retaliation is easy. These academics are in control of the grants, awards, teaching or research positions, and tenure needed by almost all scientists to do science. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Scientists are easy to make members of a 3MS. Unfortunately why is obvious, they were educated, conditioned, and rewarded to act like this. Unconscious own cost minimization in action.

How the rich and powerful create and control 3MSs.

Members of its leadership pecking order are picked by demonstrating they will NOT see, hear, or speak evil about anyone above them in the pecking order. High leaders are always above the Law. Above all, 3MS leaders lie, distort, or withhold any information that would cost them, no matter the costs to the rest of us.

Ordinary citizens do not know why they must not tolerate this behavior and don't know how. They feel helpless.

3MS are simple to cure, once the people learn what crime we can not tolerate from our leaders. It is a crime that must be ruthlessly and immediately punished. It is the worst crime possible in a democracy.

The crime arises directly from the premise the USA fought a revolution to establish. This premise is that we are political equals with inalienable rights. We each own our bodies, thus can not tolerate this crime and survive as equals before the Law.

What is the worst crime in a democracy? It is When any sworn leader ignores, tolerates, covers-up, or helps any other sworn leader commit a felony.

Why do 3MS always evolve automatically unless this hideous crime is ruthlessly punished?

3MS leaderships inevitably arise because everyone is trying to minimize their own time costs, and some of us are better at "getting along to go along" than others. The lazy and dishonest ones soon realize "What Not To Talk About".

Since the majority of people instinctively try to tell the truth, not hurt others, and try to mind their own business and get on with life; then the top of a societies power structure is taken over by the dishonest people who realize that silence about leaders mistakes and crimes means they are promoted or given easy jobs in the 3MS hierarchy.

Our leaders have borrowed to cover their crimes and bad debts. The inevitable result, a searing society wide pain felt in almost every ones wallet, i.e. a catastrophic financial collapse.

After our the big Ouch!, everyone will want to understand what this crime is precisely, objectively, and scientifically; so we don't ever again experience the consequences of condoning it within a debt backed money.

Prevention is simple; Set some hard examples with our highest criminal leaders, the maximum legally allowed penalty, without exception.

Until we set this example, we are less civilized than a tribe of monkeys.

Ergo, right now we are an unconscious society who will not define and prosecute actual crimes by leaders, and we do not want to because then we to would be become accountable.

Until we can objectively define what any real crime is, we can not fairly and justly use enforce Liability between ourselves justly. Here is scientific proof.
Why Coase's Theorem is wrong, Politics & Scientific Publication

How Do These 3MS Leaders Stay In Power?

When someone from below, does 'blow the whistle', they are first ignored, then should they persist, they are verbally attacked. Next legal, and if necessary, physical attacks are used to stop whistle blowers from being heard.

8-16-08 3MS members have one constant behavior: They NEVER talk about how their actions cost others. They scream loudly when their ox is gored, but they never never, ever ever admit how their own actions and especially their in-actions cost others. So when people retaliate, they act dumbfounded, how dare anyone defend themselves against us. We are special people and God forbid we ever be held accountable. In short, they think and act like aristocrats, above the law and above responsibility to their fellow citizens.

They turn a blind eye to any felony committed by another leader. Only when a leader loses and is captured in war, are they charged with crimes.

Until we actually publicly acknowledge and act against the Crime of Inaction our 3MS leaders are now committing, we can not have honest peaceful governments. The solution is simple, the majority of citizens must that: Demand that any newly elected representatives promise to prosecute to the maximum, any member of a previous administration who has committed a provable felony, starting with murder, or who gives out or tolerates any deliberate misinformation by any government employee or contractor.

Example: How Bush/Cheney Caused Killing of Captured US Soldiers

Once citizens enforce this simple "our elected representatives enforce our laws upon leaders" first and foremost, then real democracy becomes possible.

How is simple, create and use "The Hat" political party. Otherwise we will continue to reap the fruits of being governed by "Three Monkey Society" governments that are controlled by criminals.

Do not be afraid, Wake Up, Act Now, Join the No 1st Cost List, so We Can Save All of Us; or the universe will kill all of us with good reason; that despite being well warned, we buried our heads in the sand. Instead of doing our one essential civic duty; swiftly and mercilessly enforcing accountability upon lying, law breaking leaders, we stand silent. Help Us Create Honest Accountable Governments NOW.

Dan Alter n1cl-1

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Tue Nov 10, 2020 8:48 am; edited 19 times in total

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Site Admin

Joined: Jan 01, 1970
Posts: 431
Location: USA
PostPost subject: Re: What Three Monkey Society Leaderships Are & How Work?
Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:08 am

More examples.
"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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